Way Too Many Zaxby’s in Charlotte: Business Op Ed

The Charlotte Observer reports on Zaxby's.

The Charlotte Observer reports on Zaxby’s.

By NORM D. GUERRE                       8/13/2015

Charlotte – Zaxby’s is opening its 700th in Charlotte next week, according to our brethren in news, The Charlotte Observer.

However, it is the opinion of us here at Ungrammared that 700 Zaxby’s in one city, even a city as *ahem* extensive as the Queen City, is way too many.  By comparison, Starbucks has a mere 430 in Seattle.

“I mean, how many chicken places does Charlotte need?” asked Winston Lakes of Albemarle, NC.  “They’ve got the original Bojangles, a Bojangles Coliseum, Price’s ‘Grease Box’, and even that gas station on East.  But over 700 Zaxby’s?”

We at Ungrammared believe that a market can only tolerate so much supply before saturation.  Hell, we learned that at Wiley Elementary before we had internet to tell us things like that.  But where are the other types of food?  Where is the Taco Bell?  The Pizza Hut?  The Subway?

The bottom line is that 700 Zaxby’s in the QC is a deep-fried recipe for a market saturated in not just grease, but for business failure.

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