USA Today, Mini Page Pleased So Far With N&O Merger

Colorful! Fun! Newsish!

Colorful! Fun! Newsish!

By CRAIG MILLAR                                 17 AUG 2015

RALEIGH  – Editors, publishers and stockholders say they are thus far happy with the recent merging of The News & Observer with publishing titans USA Today and The Mini Page.

“It’s been a blessing,” said new editor-in-chief Betty Debnam. “The blandly regional news is accessible to anyone, and the pictures are so big and colorful!”

Publisher Osage Quarles III was equally plussed. “It takes us about an hour and a half to put this brochu – ah, newspaper – together. And you can make the entire edition into an airplane.”

The biggest advantage may be that readers can know every facial pore of their reporters due to the comically enlarged photos next to the stories. “I always wondered if Joshie [Shaffer] had blackheads,” said faithful reader Ida Preston, 94. “Now I know he doesn’t. What a hunk.”

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