Thousands Arrive For Area Universities’ Conferring of MrS Degrees On Saturday

Several recipients of the class of 2016 in a study group during last fall's exams.

Several members of the class of 2016 in a study group during last fall’s exams.




Raleigh, NC – Thousands of visitors arrived this weekend for the conferring of Mrs’s upon graduates of area universities.

Commencement for NCSU began at 2PM Friday, May 6th and ran through evening of Saturday, May 7th.

Commencement for Meredith College began at 7PM, May 7th.

At one of the many ceremonies held for NCSU graduates, a keynote speaker for the School of Communication began her speech with a wry smile, “Ladies, for four years for some of you, and for some of you longer, you’ve watched your diet and counted those calories…but you were able to pound that Bud Light when it really mattered! And for some of you, as a result of that calorie counting and binge drinking, you’ll be awarded the prestigious MrS you worked so hard for!”

At the School of Psychology graduation, the commencement speaker spoke of things to come. “For whatever life throws at you, whether you anticipate a career of sipping mimosas after dropping the kids off at school, playing tennis, moving to Charlotte and running the booty loop every day, or teaching a Barre 3 class, you’ll be prepared.”

Traditional Mrs Degree on parchment.

At one advanced-degree MRS ceremony, Jacki Whitaker grabbed her fiancé Todd Cameron, MBA and shrieked, “Oh my gawd, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!! We totally met in an HR night class and now we’re getting married!”

At press time Jacki Whitaker, MBA, MrS, was contemplating exactly when she could quit her Vice President job at Bank of America and open a yoga studio.

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