LGBT Groups Choose Raleigh as Host Site


An LGBT representative from California looking to use Raleigh as host city.

RALEIGH – Claiming victory over media distortions and protests downtown over the passage of HB2, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam (R-Apex) announced at a press conference that numerous LGBT groups had chosen Raleigh and other North Carolina localities as their host cities. HB2, a statewide response to a Charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance, made national headlines as the LGBT community reacted.

“HB2 has had little to no effect on LGBT perceptions of our state,” said Stam. “Look at the number of applications here,” he said, holding a sheaf of papers. “The Los Gatos Beaver Trapping Association wants to hold their triennial summit here. Tell me now that our bill is hurting business in North Carolina.”

Other groups looking to host events in the Triangle, according to Stam, include the LaGuardia Baggage Trainers Association, the Lower Georgia Broomball Team, and the Louisiana Greater Bundled Telecommunications Corp.

When told LGBT usually means something else, Stam replied, “I dunno. That sounds kind of gay.”


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