Mayoral Race Determined By Candidates’ Position On Iran Deal

Voters arrive to vote on Mayoral candidates who share their concerns regarding Iranian President Rouhani.

Voters arrive to vote on mayoral candidates who share their concerns regarding Iranian President Rouhani.



Charlotte – In a closer than anticipated election, Jennifer Roberts will be the Democratic nominee against Republican Edwin Peacock in this November’s mayoral election.

While Roberts did well with all demographics across the city, it was the difference in her stance on the Iranian nuclear deal which ultimately separated her from Dan Clodfelter to the city’s 40,000 Democrats.

“I mean, yes, he’s definitely got the best interests of the city at heart, especially education,” stated voter Taylor Belk. “But when I heard Roberts came out in favor of the Iranian nuclear deal and Clodfelter was against it, how could I, in good conscience, vote for him?  We need to win back the goodwill of the world!”

Unofficial exit polls conducted by Ungrammared staff trolling the internet show that despite education and public transportation being key issues during their primary debates, voters seemed to care more about [Iranian President] Rouhani’s trustworthiness.

“C’mon, really?” stated Jason Lefki, an unaffiliated voter participating in the Democratic primary.  “If she’s soft on terrorism and Iran she’ll be soft on the streetcar.”

As the results rolled in on election night, other key issues voters were concerned about included: the Keystone Pipeline, Donald Trump’s hairpiece, how to get Mayor Pat back, and what the candidates’ favorite local microbrew was.

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