University of Phoenix Online Students Upset About Parking


BY NORM D. GUERRE         JAN. 13, 2015

UPO, Student Online Forum – Several University of Phoenix Online students expressed outrage Tuesday morning at the perceived lack of parking available to students.

Shawna1992 stated, “I’ve gotten four tix over the past semester. Last week I parked at the CamVil library TO TAKE A ONLINE CLASS & when I came out I had a ticket!!!! When is this administration going to do something about parking?!!”

Tarheelzboyxx replied to Shawna1992, “I no right? We pay a lot of $ to go to school here, it’s there job to make sure we don’t have worry about the admin side of things!! I just want 2 worry about classes, not where I park on the street. #rentacops”

Capt. Pratt, the head of UPO student safety, joined the discussion. “We try and ensure that all students are able to have minimal distractions while attending UPO. However, this may be an issue of jurisdiction,” he said.

At press time Capt. Pratt was consulting with several UPO students majoring in criminology to determine who was responsible for on-site access.

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