Details of Cary PD High-Speed Chase Leaked

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By CRAIG MILLAR        Nov. 25, 2014

CARY— The terrifying details of yet another high-speed chase by the renowned Cary Police Department were leaked to UNGRMRD over the weekend.

Cary PD spokesman/chief Pat Bazemore was quoting as saying: “While we at the Cary Police Department discourage high-speed chases, as they lower property values, in this case the rookie officer in question did the right thing.”

The chase led to an arrest and further charges. The officer, D. Yanqe, has been with the Cary Police Department for four months. Below is the transcript:

CARY PD: Dispatch, I’m following a BMW X5. I need backup.

DISPATCHER: Describe the vehicle, please.

CARY PD: Black, with two Celtics stickers and a plate that reads “Caniac.”

DISPATCHER: Copy. Officer, what’s your 20?

CARY PD: Not sure. There’s a tan strip mall.


CARY PD: On my left. I’m traveling north on Maynard. There’s a brown mall on my right.

DISPATCHER: You’ll have to be more specific, officer.

CARY PD: OK, there’s a light brown mall I’m passing on my right. Hang on – there’s a sand-colored McDonald’s.

DISPATCHER: Not helping. There are fourteen of those in a one-mile radius.

CARY PD: There’s a Panera.

DISPATCHER: (sighs) Officer, are you taking this seriousl-

CARY PD: Sorry to interrupt, but now I’m heading northwest.

DISPATCHER: Copy, what street?

CARY PD: Still on Maynard.

DISPATCHER: Copy. Is the X5 still visible?

CARY PD: Yes, ma’am. Now I’m heading west.

DISPATCHER: What stree-

CARY PD: Still Maynard. Does this city put any road in a g**damn straight line?

DISPATCHER: You still have the X5 in sight?

CARY PD: Yes, ma’am.

DISPATCHER: Is it a 2014?

CARY PD: No, ma’am. Looks to be seven or eight years old.


CARY PD: He’s passing a Qdoba.

DISPATCHER: They have good guac.

CARY PD: Yes, ma’am. Heading southwest.


CARY PD: Yes. Two-story office building on my left.

DISPATCHER: Brown, taupe, or dark cream?

CARY PD: It’s 2am. Hard to tell.

DISPATCHER: I forgot you’re not from around here.

CARY PD: Are you? (muttered: Heading south now. Holy crap.)

DISPATCHER: I’m a Cary native.

CARY PD: Seriously?

DISPATCHER: Been here since ’98, right after my divorce.

CARY PD: Wow. You are a native.

DISPATCHER: Backup en route. What are you charging the X5 driver with?

CARY PD: Expired license.

DISPATCHER: When did his driver’s license expire?

CARY PD: Not driver’s license, ma’am. Expired business license for his Starbucks franchise.

DISPATCHER: Oooh. We don’t tolerate that sh*t.

CARY PD: Not on my watch, ma’am.

DISPATCHER: What Starbucks?

CARY PD: Somewhere on Harrison Avenue.

DISPATCHER: You’re just not interested in being helpful, are you, officer?

End transcript


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