City of Charlotte: Weak, Flaccid, and Gross: Editorial Response to Charlotte Observer

By NORM D. GUERRE                       12/30/2016

Charlotte, NC – In an otherwise virile yet civilized state, we here at Ungrammared have to respond to the City of Charlotte’s most recent abhorrence.

To be clear, 18″ is certainly not too small.  Not if you’re an ITB native anyway.  Additionally, folding it, long considered a faux pas in every culture throughout the world, is considerably undesirable, unsanitary, and possibly only suitable for Cary transplants (although most likely unneeded).

Finally, stuffing it down the side is downright barbaric.  Many counties throughout our lesser, surrounding area traditionally enacted blue laws to curb this sort of thing.  But hey, if it’s acceptable to dress like the cast of Jersey Shore and party it up at the Epicentre, then we suppose it’s not too far to suppose that a Charlottean would stuff it down the side.

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