YP Employees Directed to Deliver Phonebooks Directly to Dumpsters


The brand-new 2015 YP phonebooks.

By CRAIG MILLAR                                             APR. 23, 2015

CARY—In a move designed “to reduce redundancy and to show our commitment to the environment,” YP employees in the Triangle have been instructed to deliver the venerable publication directly to trashcans and dumpsters, bypassing the traditional delivery of leaving the books in thin plastic bags on the driveway to be rained on, or hanging them from doorknobs until the knobs loosen.

“Some people have actually asked us to just stop delivering the books to them, which is surreal,” said Coleen Coyle, the Raleigh-area YP market manager. “First off, you get like, four free heavy books to replace last year’s three heavy books. Second, where else could you possibly find the valuable information YP provides?” Coyle asked rhetorically while taking notes in a Rolodex and twirling her rotary phone’s cord around her finger. “I guess having miniscule phone numbers on pages that rip easily and that are readily accessible as long as you’re in the same room as a five-pound phonebook just isn’t convenient enough.”


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