The Charlotte Bathroom Ordinance & HB2: What Do You Think?

Voices From Around the State: A New Feature Exclusively at Ungrammared

Our investigative team hit the streets of North Carolina called their friends to find out what your fellow citizens think of the now-defunct Charlotte Free-Range Bathroom Ordinance and the soon-to-be-defunct HB2, the law from the NC General Assembly that inadvertently boosted Charleston’s summer concert series by 500%. Here’s what they said:




“I was really bummed that the General Assembly took away my right to have a man piss on the seats of my bathroom.”

-Tiffany Kasey, Charlotte








“I’m actually kind of glad the NCGA took the transgenders down a peg or two. They’ve had it pretty easy for too long.”

-Rodney Quick, Willow Spring











“I don’t want no chick dicks next to me at the urinals.”

-Alfred DuMond, Swansboro










“I’m curious to find out if women that identify as men leave the f**king seat up as well.”

-Rachel Lewis, Apex







“I don’t know about the law, but thank God Douche Springsteen and Cirque du SoGay ain’t coming here no more!”

-Ainsley Mott, Manteo

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