Concerns Over Food Safety Mount as Local Ice Cream Truck Fails Health & Sanitation Inspection

Mr. Humpter's ice cream truck, 'where the magic happens!'

Mr. Humpter’s ice cream truck, ‘where the magic happens!’


BY Norm D. Guerre                                  4/11/2016

Raleigh, NC – Lester Humpter, a local businessman and the owner of Li’l Cones Ice Cream Truck, was slapped with a sanitation grade “C-“ at his latest sanitation inspection by the Wake County Health Department.

Wake County health and sanitation inspector Joey Conrad finished his inspection around 3:15PM yesterday.  “That might be one of the most unsanitary roach coaches I’ve ever inspected,” Conrad stated from the sidewalk down the street from the parked truck.

Conrad went on to describe the deplorable conditions as “completely unacceptable. I mean, Mr. Humpter had a rusty pair of arm and leg shackles on the wall right next to the cream. His tub of  CHCl3 wasn’t refrigerated and was entirely in the open.  He had an old dirty mattress ratchet-strapped to the wall adjacent to the hand washing stations.  The paper towels for hand drying weren’t even next to the hand-washing station and had a big tub of lubricant next to it. That could easily be mixed with Mr. Humpter’s cream and accidentally served to some young child.”

Mr. Conrad continued, “Where do I stop?  This truck was gross! Heck, even the sprinkles container had larger than usual sprinkles which were white and round and labeled ‘rohypnol.’  Who the heck would want to eat those on their ice cream?”

At press time Mr. Humpter had provided Mr. Conrad with a map of other ice cream trucks in the area if he needed to complete his inspection.

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