Cruz Campaign Tweets out “All Other Canddtes Kild n Fiery Bus Crash” Just Before NH Primary

“Our bad,” says campaign

Misunderstood news release from CNN

Cruz: "We made a mistake. Oh, and f*** you."

Cruz: “We made a mistake. Oh, and f*** you.”


By CRAIG MILLAR                                     08 FEB 2016

MANCHESTER, NH – The Cruz campaign had another uncomfortable moment and a little explaining to do today after a staffer tweeted out “All GOP canddtes except kild n fiery bus crash <3 prayers & sympthy go out to lvd ones.  .”

In a press conference several hours later, Cruz explained that an intern on his staff had misinterpreted a CNN report about Ben Carson’s luggage being lost at the airport. The tweet was taken down and replaced with one reading “Sorry 4 mistake. Cnddates recovering in hsptl.  sends best wishes, hopes they r able 2 debate when brain functions return


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