Amish Restaurant-Goer Suspicious of Valet Service

A seedy looking valet from Yoder's flies through the streets of Lancaster, PA.

A seedy-looking valet from Yoder’s flies through the streets of Lancaster, PA.


By NORM D. GUERRE                     8/28/2015
Lancaster, PA – Isaac Beiler, a local Amish boy, played hooky Tuesday afternoon to take his lady friend Miriam on an unchaperoned date to Yoder’s Family Restaurant, just outside of Lancaster.

“As I tossed the reins to the valet, I told him I knew the mileage on the buggy,” said Beiler in a statement given from the loft above the Beiler family room. “He told me he was a professional and I had nothing to worry about!” wailed a distraught Beiler. “Kut! Now I’ll have to drive the buggy backwards all the way to the farm. That’s not conspicuous or anything.”

Beiler’s best friend Elijah was even more distraught about the mileage. “My Vater never drives this! It’s his baby…all he does is wipe it down with a burlap-bag.”

At press time Elijah was considering kicking the buggy hard out the back of the barn.



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