Not-For-Nothin-A-Thon Aims to Decrease Unawareness of Double Negatives


The “link buildings” at NCSU, three undisconnected structures that house the English department.

BY CRAIG MILLAR                                                       03 AUG 2015

RALEIGH – The English Departments of NC State and Meredith College announced yesterday that they are, as a whole, not unexcited to host this year’s Not-For-Nothin-A-Thon, an annual tradition which is not wholly unresponsible for the recent decline in people’s unawareness of double negatives.

“I can’t say I’m unenthusiastic, as this is definitely not a subpar undertaking,” said Dr. Susan Gilbert, honorary chair of the event and an English professor at Meredith.

The event features a 5K race, which people are encouraged to run but not discouraged from walking if they are not uncomfortable doing so.

“The English language as a whole is suffering in no small part due to social media, which while not inexcusable is nevertheless not immune to never taking responsibility,” said Dr. Lucinda MacKethan, of NC State’s English Department.

An added feature this year will be readings by not-inconsequential authors, famously not unrecognized or unknown for their contributions to the prevention of double negative disuse.

Triple negatives are planned to be featured at next year’s Ain’t-Not-Nothin’-A-Palooza, reportedly to be held at UNC-Asheville. “I won’t say I’m not unenthusiastic about that one,” said Gilbert. “Because I’m not.”

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