Jones + Blount, Ungrammared Merge in Unparalleled Sharing of Dynastic Media Power

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD                                  JUL 20, 2015

RALEIGH – So after we wrote what was arguably the best piece ever about a competitor’s “news”site, the ‘rents started to bang regularly on the basement door, asking why they were getting threatening letters from “some g**damn outfit called ‘Jones + Blount’.”

Why, indeed.

Turns out you can’t just write stuff willy-nilly on the Interwebs and call it “factual,” “newsworthy,” or “God’s honest truth” if it is, in point of fact, not, which in this leading news organ’s opinion is a whopping load of horsesh*t. They don’t call us The Voice of a Generation for nothing.

We started receiving all sorts of menacing letters from Larry Robbins, or Neal Robbins, or some Robbins with “JD” after his name, making up all manner of fancypants lawyer words like “libel,” “slander,” “defamation” and “tire iron,” which got our attention.

So in order for us to make it up to them and avoid an ITB place that clearly belongs OTB – the Wake County Detention Center – they, with total disregard for Article 1, Section 1 of the North Carolina Constitution,  proposed a gentleman’s agreement wherein we would write whatever crap comes to mind solid pieces for them on demand.


No idea how this picture got into the article. Total nonsequitor.

So check out for more of the captivating Ungrammaredish news you won’t find anywhere else. At least until they get their panties out of a twist about our damaging their hard-earned reputation.



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