British Baby Left in Car As Temperature Inside Approaches 72

brit baby

BY CRAIG MILLAR                                     JUN 23, 2015

RALEIGH—A British toddler inadvertently left in a car over the weekend was airlifted to WakeMed after suffering from heat exhaustion, according to his parents.

The temperature in the 2012 Expedition, parked under the shade of the Crabtree Valley Mall  parking deck for nearly five minutes early Saturday morning, reached 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Me bloody baby, ‘e just about up an’ bit the wankum,” said a distressed Claire Jernigan, an extremely pasty woman “up here for holiday,” whatever that means.

“The bleedin’ car, it musta been a right 73 flippin’ degrees or more, wot,” said father Thom Jernigan, who sounded like he just put a wool sock in his mouth. “It likely were a bit northa 23 Centigrade ‘twixt boot an’ bonnet,” he said, which made no sense whatsoever.

The baby is expected to make a full recovery “thanks to the brilliant Yank docs over at WakeMed, an’ Bob’s yer uncle.”


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