Abandoned Saudi City Perfect For Running Out of Sand Storm Into

An abandoned city too perfect not to run into out of a sand storm.

An abandoned city too perfect not to run into out of a sand storm.

BY NORM D. GUERRE 6/10/2015
Saudi Arabia – An abandoned city at coordinates 21.205411, 49.30752 has recently been rated number one in the world for being the top abandoned city to run into, out of a sand storm.

A panel headed by sand storm dodging experts Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, and Karim Malik decided late Tuesday night that the once thriving city had everything needed for eluding a sandstorm.

“This city is perfect,” Fraser stated of the now forsaken ruins. “Four walls and a roof. Whether you’re being chased by creatures of the underworld or a simply trying to avoid the haboob winds, this’ll do.”

Ford and Spielberg concurred with Fraser, noting that despite the floor of every building being covered in a foot of sand, the decrepit buildings in the middle of nowhere would still do for not becoming buried in or choking to death on a mountain of sand.

The consensus was almost unanimous with only Malik, the only local on the panel, still wondering why anyone would be visiting coordinates 21.205411, 49.30752 and if there was any water nearby. Ford later confirmed for Malik the possibility of some relics in the abandoned city.

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