Michelle: Sasha and Malia to Eat Only ‘TOP’ Ramen Noodles


The Obamas only buy locally produced, organic, free range (TOP) Ramen.


Washington, DC – First Lady Michelle Obama has long been a passionate advocate for healthy, balanced eating and exercise. In a statement to the AP on Tuesday, Mrs. Obama made it clear that the first daughters would be setting a positive dietary example for the rest of the nation.

“As an example to children everywhere, Sasha and Malia will only be eating TOP Ramen noodles from now on,” Mrs. Obama stated. “Gone are the days when the White House would serve Maruchan or Oodles of Noodles to the First Family.”

Healthy eating has always been a concern of the First Lady’s as well as eating local, organic food. The First Lady went on to say that “We are even going local with TOP Ramen…its health benefits are just that strong.”

At press time Mr. Obama was spotted in the local Food Lion, looking at the bottom shelf, and puzzled as to why TOP Ramen was on the bottom shelf between Maruchan shrimp flavor and Oodles of Noodles instead on the top shelf with other local, organic noodles.

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