Harvard Comma Admitted Into Sentence Due To Legacy


Cambridge, MA – An incredibly pretentious and dim-witted comma gained admission to a sentence Thursday evening. The comma’s parents, both of whom were admitted to the sentence during the 1970’s, could not have been more proud.

The comma’s classmates, a regular comma and a question mark, both reported feeling the admission was undeserved.

“That comma was the dumbest in our entire group of punctuation,” reported the question mark. “He was always slouching off, never where he was supposed to be. He took semicolon’s place once, that’s unforgivable.”

The question mark went on, “He only got into that sentence because of his parents. When we were all working hard to make sentences complete, he was seldom in front of the coordinating conjunction like he was supposed to be.”

At press time, the regular comma was seen accepting an offer from a public sentence.

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