Rev. Barber Confusingly Calls for Peas and Hominy at Protest

By BILLY N. FORCEY        Nov. 24, 2014

RALEIGH — In the wake of the Ferguson grand jury verdict, Rev. William Barber has been apparently calling for either “peace and harmony” or “peas and hominy,” leaving analysts to wonder if he is hungry for justice and equality or just plain hungry.

In a joint appearance on the Capitol grounds with Rev. Jimmy Screech, a left-wing activist minister, the Reverends banged pots and pans, but as Rev. Barber’s was so full of potstickers it dulled the noise.


Rev. Barber gives his famous “I Have a Dreamsicle” speech.

After a brief recess for Rev. Barber to consume his second lunch, Rev. Screech was nearly flattened when he began to yell “Rights for all” and Rev. Barber mistook his call for “Rice falafel.”

Rev. Barber was then seen headed south to Earp’s Seafood, the shrimp emporium, to yell in the parking lot, “No jumbos No peace.”

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