Mailer Accusing Bradshaw of Chainsawing Kids in His Basement “Really Goes Too Far,” Says Bradshaw


Bradshaw: no human body parts in this man’s cellar.

By CRAIG MILLAR        OCT. 29, 2014

RALEIGH — At least 2500 mailers have been sent to Raleigh and Bay Leaf residents in the past week claiming that “Democratic lobbyist Tom Bradshaw raised taxes, ignored conflicts of interest, spent too much taxpayer money on a mahogany table, and chainsawed three dozen children to death in his cellar in the ’80s.”

The race for the 15th NC Senate District has heated up in terms of importance and dollars spent, and the volume lately has been turned up in accusations Bradshaw and Republican Johnny Mac Alexander have hurled at each other.

“I get that John and I have our differences in terms of policy. I really do,” said Bradshaw at a Kiwanis meeting at Highland United Methodist Church recently. “But at some point, he’s going to have to reel in this PAC. The mahogany table is fair game. We probably could’ve gone with pine. But I do not remember chainsawing anyone to death in my basement in the ’80s.”

Alexander rebutted, “Tom raised taxes. He increased regulations. Why wouldn’t he lie about hacking the limbs off people and serving them at Christmas dinner?”


Alexander: Mexican cartels did not fund my children’s college education.

Pundits are paying close attention to the race, as it has the ability to tip the balance to the Democrats and possibly stall Gov. McCrory’s agenda for the remaining two years of his term. The seat is also seen as a possible springboard for higher office. “If Tom wins and goes on to Washington, he’d better figure out where to move those bodies,” said Alexander.

The oddness of the campaign is compounded by the fact that the two men have been friends for four decades. “If John knew I was dismembering kids thirty years ago, why didn’t he stop me?” asked Bradshaw. “He certainly was at the house often enough. I think this goes to his character.”

For his part, Alexander vehemently denies he ever masterminded a heroin-fueled prostitution and counterfeiting ring out of the Hillsborough Street YMCA bearing his family’s name. “That mailer was just downright tacky,” he said.

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