Ungrammared Followable on Twitter

thBy DAMON ALBARN, SOC MED ED.          SEP. 5, 2014

RALEIGH, NC – Ungrammared.com has become followable on Twitter at @ungrammared, sources such as the guy in the next cubicle have reported. When word reached Jones Street, excitement was palpable. “Tens of thousands of people [could be] get[ting] their fill of politics, opinions, and kind-of-news from Raleigh and other places every day from Ungrammared [if they would simply follow on Twitter instead of having to go to the damn website],” Gov. Pat McCrory said at the InnovatorFest in Pittsboro. “It’s a great North Carolina company, and I’m proud to get my news from those guys,” he said while doing his trademark motion of making fists and pulling them into his chest.

A Facebook page may be forthcoming, according to the girl at the bus stop and that hot sales chick at Aéropostale.

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