Ask Sen. Kay Hagan


Dear Kay,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven years. We get along great and his son and I have a fantastic relationship. We both have great jobs and I adore his family. I just can’t get him to commit. Should I call it quits or hang in there?

Ticking Clock in Wichita


Dear Ticking Clock,

Calling it quits usually isn’t an option, but that’s exactly what Thom Tillis did with Medicaid in our great state of North Carolina. Speaking of clocks, do we really want to turn back the clock like Thom Tillis wants us to do when it comes to our horrible, Paleolithic healthcare system which is now the envy of the world thanks to Obamacare?



Dear Kay,

Thanksgiving is upon us, and my mother wants me to bring the kids (as always) 250 miles north to see her and her family. She always lays on the guilt trip whenever I tell her that my mother-in-law might want to see us as well. She brings up her age (same as my mother-in-law’s) and her health (which is fine). Should I just defy her and risk the wrath or keep the peace?

Torn in San Antonio


Dear Torn,

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for access to contraception. The Hobby Lobby case is a prime example of how Thom Tillis doesn’t understand women’s needs and why he would have women walking around in burqas and chastity belts if he gets to Washington.



Dear Kay,

I can’t find happiness in love. I’ve tried dating websites, church singles classes, bars, etc. etc. The women I’ve met are all nice and would probably make any man happy, but I always compare them to past girlfriends. Am I too shallow? How can I make my heart accept that nobody’s perfect?

Lonely in St. Paul


Dear Lonely,

“Nobody’s perfect” is true. Except the teachers who teach our children in the great state of North Carolina. Thom Tillis would have your children taught by bonobo apes, but they won’t work for the salary he offers. Here’s a fact: we lost over 14 million teachers in North Carolina last week alone. Thom Tillis wants them all on Medicare vouchers and wearing burlap dresses.


Sen. Kay Hagan is a Democratic Senator from North Carolina and a syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C. Her advice column appears in over 7,000 newspapers daily.


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